Call for projects

No call for projects currently opens

To receive the support of the Maisons du Monde Foundation, organisations submit their funding requests to us as calls for projects. Calls for projects are organised every year. No calls for projects are currently open but please read on to find out how it works.

The MDM Foundation supports organisations working on holistic projects to protect forests and trees, run by and for local populations. Since 2015, we have already supported 47 projects from organisations across 18 countries around the world.

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What kind of organisations are eligible for the call for projects?

The Foundation exclusively provides funds to not-for-profit organisations and charitable organisations working in the public interest (associations, foundations, trusts), whose headquarters are located within the European area. Organisations that apply for our calls for projects must also be able to receive funds from collecting donations from individuals in France.


What types of calls for project are there?

Depending on the calls for projects, we offer organisations different types of partnerships:

  • Partnerships of several years but no shorter than three years, financed by the MDM Foundation’s own funds.
  • One-year partnerships, financed by the generosity of Maisons du Monde customers who round up their payments as part of the round up at the register scheme.

What are the different stages involved in project selection?

Once the call for projects has closed, projects are pre-selected by the MDM Foundation team. They are then assessed by the Foundation’s expert committee who focus on technical criteria, and the selection is then validated by the Board of Directors.

For projects put forward for the round up at the register scheme, the final decision will be made by more than 6,000 Maisons du Monde employees who will vote for their favourites.


Would you like to be notified when our next call for projects is launched? Fill in the form below and we will notify you by email when the next call for projects is launched. 

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