Joint call for projects 2023

Collectively committing to tree conservation

Throughout France, there is an increasing number of public initiatives aimed at preserving, planting and reintroducing trees into our landscapes, enabling us to reap the rewards as a result. With this in mind, the Maisons du Monde Foundation and the Yves Rocher Foundation are teaming up to launch a call for projects on the topic of "Collectively committing to tree conservation", the closing date of which is Friday, 21 April 2023 inclusive. At the end of this call for projects, between one and two projects or organisations will receive support and funding over a two-year period with a total budget of €200,000.

Since its launch at the end of 2015, the Maisons du Monde Foundation has helped protect forests and trees all over the world, wherever urgent action is needed. In 7 years, it has already donated nearly €7 million to organisations working to launch projects on the ground, led by and aimed at local communities.

For 30 years, the Yves Rocher Foundation has been joining forces with local communities to help protect the environment. It works alongside 60 partner NGOs in 40 countries around the world. More than 120 million trees have already been planted, with a view to not only restoring animal and plant biodiversity and creating jobs, but also in the hope of building a better tomorrow.

To help fulfil this shared undertaking, the two foundations are combining their expertise and funding to launch a joint call for projects on the topic of collectively committing to tree conservation. And for good reason, as trees play a crucial role across the planet. They offer shade and fresh air, provide habitats and corridors for biodiversity, absorb carbon, regulate soil and more, all of which helps to combat extreme drought, pollution and flooding, as well as improving people’s quality of life.

This is why citizens today are rallying to preserve, plant and reintroduce trees into our landscapes.

What kinds of organisations and projects are eligible?

The Maisons du Monde Foundation and the Yves Rocher Foundation are granting funding exclusively for public interest organisations eligible for the French tax scheme favouring patronage (associations, foundations, endowment funds, public bodies etc.) with headquarters in the European Economic Area.

Prospective organisations have free rein to submit a project in the public interest that will be implemented in France and will encourage citizens to actively participate by:

  • Actively involving citizens in tree planting, care and management;
  • And/or raising awareness through large-scale collective activities: active education through contact with nature, workshops in forests with schools, cultural activities centred around trees etc.;
  • And/or involving several generations in tree conservation, from children right through to older adults.

In addition to the conditions above, projects must also aim to:

  • Preserve and maintain trees, monitoring and caring for them in the long-term;
  • And/or plant trees, monitoring and caring for those planted in the long-term;
  • Help regenerate new woodlands.

Please note that the aim of the project should be to ensure that the ecosystem services that trees provide are protected in one or more given areas.

The Maisons du Monde Foundation and the Yves Rocher Foundation are offering partnerships starting either from 1 January 2023 (retrospectively) or over the course of 2023. The total budget available amounts to €200,000 over two years, with the aim of providing support and financial assistance to one or two projects or organisations and establishing impactful partnerships as a result. 

How can I submit an application to the call for projects?

Before applying, please read the terms and conditions of participation of our call for projects on our online platform (French only) to find out about the eligibility and selection criteria.

Does your organisation’s project fit within the scope of this call for projects? Fill in the eligibility check by clicking on :

“Start the application” (French only)

This is the first stage to verify that your association meets the eligibility criteria. Once this check has been completed, you will be notified by our platform and you can then complete and submit your funding request package online. You have until 23:59 on Friday, 21 April 2023 to apply!

Please note that packages can only be submitted and sent from our joint call for projects platform. Packages received by email or post will not be processed.

What are the different stages involved in selecting projects?

After 21 April 2023 (i.e. the closing date of our call for projects), teams at the Maisons du Monde Foundation and the Yves Rocher Foundation will have until 19 May 2023 to shortlist the projects, and then a panel of experts will select the successful projects based on a set of technical criteria in early June 2023.

At the end of the selection stages in June 2023, between one and two projects or organisations will be selected and funded by our two foundations.

Want to know more about our call for projects? Download the terms and conditions for participation or email us at