Take part in the
“J’agis pour mon patrimoine naturel”
days from 16 to 17 September

European Heritage Days: museums, monuments, and nature too!


A very popular event with the general public, the European Heritage Days are known for opening doors, not normally accessible to the public, to places rich in history and culture. This year they will be held on 16 and 17 September.

On the occasion of this week-end and for the second consecutive year, the Foundation for Nature and Man also invites us to discover or rediscover the natural heritage of our regions!

Thanks to the J’agis pour la nature programme supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation, numerous activities relating to the discovery or protection of nature are proposed on the website www.jagispourlanature.org. Throughout the year, this national platform connects 350 entities in France with citizens of all ages who wish to work towards the preservation of our natural heritage.

The activities are designed for everyone, do not require any skills and can be done together with your family! All you need is the desire to get informed and to be useful.

This week-end’s programme includes: discovery outings, nature sites, site cleaning, preservation sites, observing species, etc.

By participating in one of the nature activities, you will support one of the many programmes for the conservation and management of biodiversity in a spirit of solidarity and conviviality.


  • You are a citizen who wants to do something for your natural heritage?

Visit the website www.jagispourlanature.org and check out the activities near you and sign up for those of your choice!

Whether you are picking up waste from a beach, taking part in a nature site, observing the fauna or taking an injured animal to a care centre, share your involvement through a picture and join the hashtag #teamjagis.


  • You are an association, a local community or a manager of natural spaces and you wish to propose an activity and get the help of volunteers?

Participate in the operation J’agis pour mon patrimoine naturel by logging on to the website www.jagispourlanature.org to register your activity! If you are not used to organising this type of activities, a tool box is available online to help you.


For more information on the partnership between the Maisons du Monde Foundation and the J’agis pour la nature programme: