Support Handicap Travail Solidarité (HTS) with the Arrondi operation at all Maisons du Monde stores in France

Develop the social, cultural and professional integration of disabled people through work involving the recycling of wood: an ambitious project that you can support with the Arrondi operation.

From Monday 25 November 2019, 100% of the micro-donations from the Arrondi en Caisse operation will be paid to the Nantes-based association HTS for its project “Solibalsa”: professional integration of disabled people”.

Forêt de balsa

A look back at the HTS project

The project supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation aims to recycle off-cuts of balsa, a rare exotic wood from South America used in boat building. HTS will be able to use the waste from this to make new wooden boards and sell them.

In this way, the association undertakes to set up balsa waste collection at a shipbuilder. This waste will then be processed at Les Herbiers ESAT (Work-Based Disabled Integration Enterprise) by the 50 disabled employees, all within a perimeter of 3 kilometres! In particular, the money collected by the Arrondi operation will help to train the 50 employees.

Also, HTS will organise several workshops at schools in the town of Les Herbiers (85) in order to raise awareness of waste, environmental protection and disability among children thanks to the donations of Maisons du Monde’s customers!

The money from the Maisons du Monde Foundation will help to:

  • organise the collection of balsa waste from the shipbuilder,
  • train the 50 disabled employees in wood recycling,
  • organise workshops at schools in the town of Les Herbiers in order to raise awareness among children.

To find out more, discover the association’s website.

Travail de revalorisation du bois