Tchendukua thanks you from the Amazon

On 20 February, thanks to the ARRONDI en Caisse operation, the Tchendukua association received €96,624.31 to help the Kogi and Wiwa Indians to recover part of their ancestral lands in the Sierra Nevada, in Colombia.



The Sierra Nevada is home to an exceptional biodiversity, as well as indigenous communities, including the Kogi and Wiwa. However, the latter have lost a large part of their ancestral land as a result of human activities.

Therefore, the Tchendukua project aims to help these people to legally recover their ancestral lands, preserve their cultures and protect their environment.

Thanks to your generosity, the Tchendukua association will be able to:

  • Buy 70 hectares of ancestral land
  • Build a reception area between the Indians and modern society  
  • Save the Kogi Indians’ ancestral knowledge