4 associations selected by the committee of the Maisons du Monde Foundation for 2020!

The members of the Maisons du Monde selection committee, joined this year by Julie Walbaum, CEO of Maisons du Monde, met at the start of November to choose four new environmental preservation projects to support from 2020 onwards.

Four of the eight projects presented were selected for partnerships lasting one to three years. Their common goal? To roll out forest preservation, agroecology, and wood recycling actions.

Two partnership renewals

FORESTERVER | Trees for preserving forests and the craftsmen of the future in the Colombian Amazon

Theme: Preservation of forests

Where? Leticia in Colombia

Their mission: To preserve the Amazonian forest located around 4 indigenous Ticuna communities and ensure the long-term future of resources by and for local communities.

Assessment of the first partnership: Thanks to the Foundation’s support, 4 community reserves were created to preserve the forests around the villages. 25 hectares of agroforestry plots were also created with a view to improving the agricultural yield. A total of more than 17,000 trees were planted!

Duration of the partnership: 3 years

The renewal of the partnership will help to increase the impact of the project by developing economic alternatives to the overexploitation of forests for communities, in particular with the development of green economic sectors and ecotourism!


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EMMAÜS DEFI | The “les ReCréateurs” Workshop

Theme: Wood recycling

Where?  In Paris, Ile de France.

Their assignment: To improve the employability of workers in professional integration thanks to training in the design of one-off projects resulting from the recovery of wood furniture intended for recycling and sold at Emmaus stores.

Assessment of the first partnership: Three years after the start of the project, 390 items of furniture have been created from wood waste and 148 items of furniture have been reassigned by the 9 members of the Recréateurs team! About ten ephemeral and events-based sales events helped to ensure the recognition of the unique know-how acquired by the workshop!

Duration of the partnership: 1 year

The partnership’s renewal will help to strengthen the project by consolidating its economic model and furthering the circular economy approach in order to recycle even more wood waste.


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2 new partnerships

IF NOT US THEN WHO | “Eyá Pavara” - Pilot project for the restoration of ancient forests in Panama

Theme: Preservation of forests

Where? In the Darien province of Panama

The project:  Co-construction with the indigenous Piriati and Ipeti of the Embera people of solutions for preserving their ancient forests. The association will provide technical and operational support to the Fundacion Embera and the Congreso Alto Bayano for the setting up of reforestation actions on damaged land and agroforestry models.

Duration of the partnership: 3 years

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TERRE & HUMANISME | Develop agroforestry islands in farming environments in Burkina Faso

Theme: Preservation of forests

Where? In 4 areas of Burkina Faso

The project: Develop agroforestry islands in farming environments to meet the needs of poor farming families and favour food sovereignty. For this, the association enables the installation of productive agroecology micro-farms in a context of poverty and climate change.

Duration of the partnership: 3 years

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The ARRONDI projects for 2020

2020 will be the year of biodiversity with the IUCN World Congress bringing together experts and scientists from all over the world to formulate responses to the preservation of our planet’s ecosystems. The Maisons du Monde foundation is joining this collective effort and has chosen a very specific project that will be presented to you soon in a dedicated article!

In 2019, the ARRONDI campaign for wood recycling by the Gabonese association HTS came to an end with even more promising results that expected!

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Now, it is possible for you to support the forest preservation project by the IJG association via the ARRONDI en Caisse operation !

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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