Find Forestever at the checkout in Maisons du Monde stores as part of the ARRONDI en caisse scheme

Forestever replaces the Jane Goodall Institute France as the ARRONDI en caisse beneficiary in all Maisons du Monde stores in France. A long-standing partner of the Maisons du Monde Foundation, the association works alongside Ticuna communities to preserve the Columbian Amazon and to sustain the wood resources used for local crafts and for fulfilling their day-to-day needs.

From Tuesday, 23 January, all the donations of spare change through the ARRONDI en caisse scheme in Maisons du Monde stores across France will go to the Forestever association to be put towards its project to preserve the Amazon rainforest in Colombia.

Spotlight on the Forestever project

The Amazon rainforest is the central pillar of the economic, cultural and spiritual wealth of the Ticuna people. These communities are therefore the first to be affected by deforestation, caused primarily by demographic growth within the neighbouring city, Leticia, and the overexploitation of wood resources. It is essential that these resources be preserved and regenerated to guarantee the survival of these populations and their culture.

In this context, the Forestever project aims to establish a forest conservation model created by and for the local communities with a view to preserving their way of life.

The funds collected thanks to the generosity of Maisons du Monde customers through the ARRONDI en caisse scheme in 2024 will help to:

  • Ensure the development of agricultural and conservation practices that support the preservation of forests and their biodiversity (50 hectares of functional agroforestry systems, planting of 20,000 trees etc.)
  • Improve the well-being and food self-sufficiency of the populations by promoting the establishment of social and economic activities based on forestry and agricultural products (acai pulp, jams etc.)
  • Strengthen Colombian civil society and local institutions to better preserve the forest and its biodiversity.

To find out more about the project, visit the dedicated page on the Maisons du Monde Foundation website or on the association’s website.