4 of the 8 projects were chosen as “Favourites” by the Maisons du Monde staff!

Discover the 8 new projects financed by the Maisons du Monde Foundation in 2019!

The Selection committee, comprising members of the jury and the Foundation’s team, met on 4 April 2019 to choose the projects that will be financed over the next three years.
Five projects supported in the “Protecting our forests” category

SEEDS Trust | “Restoring the forests and coastal diversity of India”

In southern India, the SEEDS Trust runs a mangrove reforestation project with local populations. The association raises awareness among the latter about protecting this fragile and extremely polluted environment, whilst also helping them to develop sustainable economic alternatives.

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Planète Urgence | Reforest: restoring the forests of the coasts of Borneo

Logo Planète UrgenceOn the island of Borneo in Indonesia, Planète Urgence’s project aims to restore the mangrove currently under threat from human activities, via a reforestation programme involving local communities. The association also offers alternative economic activities that are more environmentally-friendly.


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Inter Aide | Reforestation of land in south-eastern Madagascar with rural families

In south-eastern Madagascar, Inter Aide helps farming families to restore their hills completely destroyed by slash-and-burn practices. The association offers a financial subsidy system to encourage families to plant trees.

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Jane Goodall Institute | Saving the habitat of the last chimpanzees of Senegal

The Jane Goodall Institute works in Senegal to preserve the Dindéfélo Community Nature Reserve, the habitat of the last remaining chimpanzees in the country threatened by deforestation. To that end, the association plans to reforest natural areas with the support of local populations, whilst also offering economic alternatives to intensive farming and poaching.

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Man & Nature | Fighting deforestation in Gabon thanks to cocoa

The forests of Gabon, which are part of the 3rd largest tropical forest basin in the world, are under threat as a result of man-made pressure. The Man&Nature project, in partnership with the Gabonese association Brainforest, aims to protect the forests of the Minkébé National Park by training local populations in sustainable agriculture based on cocoa farming.

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Three projects financed in the “Giving a second life to wood waste” category

Handicap Travail Solidarité | Solibalsa: professional integration of the disabled through work

Aux Herbiers (85), by Handicap Travail Solidarité aims to recycle off-cuts of balsa wood, a rare exotic wood from South America. Very often used in boat-building, this procedure generates a great deal of balsa off-cuts, which HTS wants to use to make new wooden boards. The recycling of balsa off-cuts is entrusted to ESAT which employs 50 disabled people.


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Emaus Vigo | MaSmadera: the reuse of wood as an alternative to social integration in Galicia

In Spain, Emaus Vigo has organised “ReciclARTE” workshops for the past few years. People who have experienced professional or personal difficulties in their lives are trained to collect “wood off-cuts” and recycle them by producing new furniture that will then be sold. The project aims to increase the employability and autonomy of excluded populations by increasing their skills. The aim is also to raise the awareness of citizens of the challenges of preserving wood.

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API’UP | From waste to design: training people in difficulty to create new objects in wood


The Maisons du Monde Foundation has supported API’UP since 2016 and is renewing it support for the next three years. In 2016, the Foundation financed the purchase of equipment for the “From Waste to Design” workshop. The star product produced at this workshop is the “LEXI” unit, made entirely from solid wood waste. In 2019, the Maisons du Monde Foundation has renewed its partnership with API’UP to allow them to extend the materials used to leather and textile and to conduct research work in order to create new materials from recycled materials!

recyclés !




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Staff members involved in the selection of the projects proposed for the ARRONDI operation!

Following the Foundation’s committee, Maisons du Monde staff voted for their 4 favourite projects to be financed by the ARRONDI en caisse operation! This year, it is projects of API’UP, HTS, Man&Nature and the Jane Goodall Institute!

These projects will succeed one another throughout 2019 and will benefit from customers’ donations, 100% of which are paid to the associations. The other projects are financed in full out of the Maisons du Monde Foundation’s own funds.


API’UP has been the ARRONDI operation proposed at all Maisons du Monde stores in France since 13 May.