Eight associations chosen at the most recent MDM Foundation committee

Members of the MDM Foundation expert committee met on 6 April to renew four partnerships and to choose four new forest and tree conservation projects to support from 2021. Find out which projects were chosen!

A total of nine projects were submitted and eight were chosen by our expert committee for partnerships lasting two to three years. Their common goal? To help preserve the world’s most endangered forests and trees outside forests in France.

Renewed partnerships


Ishpingo| Combatting deforestation in Ecuadorian Amazonia with the indigenous Kichwa communities

The project: Preserving local populations’ environments, while improving living conditions through participatory reforestation and the establishment of economic alternatives to deforestation.

Length of partnership: Three years

Renewing this partnership will mean that the association’s actions can be further developed and structured with 250 additional farmers. It will also boost the processing and marketing of fruits that come from the reforestation and finance a project to study and conserve plant and animal species in Llanganates Park.

Envol Vert | Preserving the last dry forests in Colombia

The project: Preserving the Caribbean coast’s remaining dry forests by reducing pressure caused by human activities, through five micro-agroforestry projects across three departments.

Length of partnership: Three years

Renewing this partnership will mean that the project can continue its activities. It will also help supplement and refine the programme’s methodology (boosting conservation activities and economic alternatives to deforestation, implementing a strategy to train local stakeholders in the spin-off process).

Nébéday| Preserving and restoring the ecosystems of the Popenguine nature reserve in Senegal

The project: Preserving the Popenguine nature reserve in Senegal by supporting the women of COPRONAT (collective of women’s groups for the protection of nature) in their management, and introducing economic alternatives such as ecotourism.

Length of partnership: Three years

Renewing this partnership will help to further develop ecotourism and agroforestry with the launch of a Moringa sector. The project will also focus on actions that involve the eight villages surrounding the reserve and raising awareness among children.

Cœur de Forêt | Highlighting biodiversity to better protect it

The project: Preserving the forest ecosystems on the island of Flores in Indonesia and improving the local communities’ living conditions.

Length of partnership: Three years

Renewing this partnership means that the island can continue its reforestation efforts by strengthening local government momentum and validating the effectiveness of reforestation techniques in areas prone to slash and burn farming, while finding alternatives with breeders.

New projects being supported


Humy | Supporting indigenous communities in the Colombian Andes mountains to preserve the páramo ecosystem

The project: Combatting deforestation of the páramo, the only ecosystem of its kind in the world. The project will also help to restores forests of the Chile-Cumbal complex and the Parma de Paja Blanca Regional nature park by expanding silvopastoralism and tree planting with indigenous communities.

Length of partnership: Three years

Naturevolution | Preserving the Makay mountains in Madagascar

The project: Combatting deforestation of the Makay, a hot spot for biodiversity, on the four largest forest basins. To this end, the association supports four villages by training them in environmentally friendly agricultural methods and ecotourism.

Length of partnership: Three years

Le Partenariat | Preserving, restoring and enhancing mangrove resources in Senegal

The project: Sustainably managing the mangrove forests and biodiversity of the Senegal river delta through reforestation, raising awareness among local populations, and promoting good environmental practices that can be replicated in other territories.

Length of partnership: Three years

Le Conservatoire Méditerranéen Partagé | “Vergers d’avenir” (orchards of the future) programme

The project: Creating orchards to conserve and promote soil varieties typical of the Mediterranean basin.

Length of partnership: Three years


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