“Ensemble pour la biodiversité”: our selection of projects

As part of the "Ensemble pour la biodiversité" crowdfunding campaign, the Maisons du Monde Foundation has chosen its three favourite projects in aid of forest preservation and biodiversity. Check them out now!

On Earth Day, which was celebrated on 22 April, HelloAsso, the Maisons du Monde Foundation and the 1% for the Planet network, together with a group of benefactors, launched the Ensemble pour la biodiversité” (Together for biodiversity) crowdfunding campaign to urge everyone to help protect biodiversity by making a donation. There are over 100 projects listed on the website!

To help make your choice a bit easier, why not check out our top three forest preservation projects? The projects all feature on the Ensemble pour la biodiversité website and are run by organisations supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation.

Forêt à Ma

Humy | Preserving the Ambohidravy forest in Madagascar by creating green industries

In northern Madagascar lies the Ambohidravy forest, considered sacred by the local population. Farmers and growers from outside the area are putting intense pressure on the forest, which is suffering severe destruction. In an effort to ally forest protection with improved living conditions for the local Ambohidravy people, Humy is seeking to create a forest-based vanilla production chain. Cultivating vanilla under tress produces high-quality vanilla and protects nature at the same time. The demand for vanilla has increased drastically in recent years, making it easy to find commercial opportunities.

Proceeds will help the association:

  • Create additional income for 100 people
  • Create multiple regular patrols of vanilla producers in the forest to control poaching
  • Protect the Ambohidravy forest
Click to read the project page on Ensemble pour la biodiversité (French only)

Terre & Humanisme | Raising awareness among the public and providing training in agroecology to preserve biodiversity in Auvergne

In an effort to raise awareness among the public and provide practical experience in agroecology to boost biodiversity in gardens, Terre & Humanisme invites members of the public to immerse themselves in its educational gardens.

The “Tous VolonTerres” programme offers 21 immersion stays, providing unique guidance for people who do not have sufficient financial resources to take part in an internship or training course and are looking to gain basic knowledge in agroecology and food autonomy. People who take part in the “VolonTerres” stays learn about making compost, companion planting, crop rotation, soil mulching and other actions that help to boost biodiversity.

Proceeds will help the association:

  • Create and fund educational stays
  • Design the right awareness-raising tools
  • Create small tool kits (broadforks, shovels, gloves etc.)
Click to read the project page on Ensemble pour la biodiversité (French only)
© JGI Fernando Turmo
© JGI Fernando Turmo

Jane Goodall Institute | Protecting chimpanzees and the Kibira National Park in Burundi

The Kibira National Park is located in north-western Burundi and runs adjacent to the Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda. Combined, these parks form a 130,000-hectare forested mountain range, which is facing both deforestation and the fragmentation of natural wildlife habitats. This makes protecting and restoring them particularly important.

The area is also undergoing an additional challenge as it is home to between 250 and 300 chimpanzees, also threatened with extinction.

Proceeds will help the association:

  • Protect chimpanzees
  • Restore the forests of Kibira National Park by creating an ecological corridor
  • Get villagers involved and improve their living conditions
  • Raise awareness among young people through the “Roots & Shoots” programme
Click to read the project page on Ensemble pour la biodiversité (French only)

Thanks to the votes cast by Maisons du Monde employees and our Instagram community, Jane Goodall Institute will receive an additional donation of €1000 from us to fund its “Protecting chimpanzees and the Kibira National Park” project in Burundi!