Find Envol Vert at the checkout in Maisons du Monde stores as part of the ARRONDI en caisse scheme

Envol Vert follows on from Oasis Citadine as the project benefitting from the ARRONDI en caisse scheme in all Maisons du Monde stores in France. One of our long-standing partners, this organisation works to protect the Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity in Peru.

From Tuesday, 29 August 2023, all the donations of spare change through the ARRONDI en caisse scheme in Maisons du Monde stores across France will go to Envol Vert to be put towards its project “Protect the Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity in Peru”.


A closer look at the organisation’s project

Peru is home to 13% of the Amazon rainforest, second only to Brazil. The deforestation there is the result of the precarious position of local populations who transform the rainforest floor for agricultural exports (such as coffee or cocoa) or for subsistence agriculture. The forest is thus being depleted as agriculture expands.

In its efforts to halt this process of deforestation, Envol Vert is launching a regional project to assist local agricultural cooperatives and forest conservation teams in developing practices for the sustainable management of natural resources.

The funds collected through Maisons du Monde customer donations to the ARRONDI en caisse scheme in 2023 will help:

  • Convert the agricultural plots into agroforestry systems or reforest them;
  • Train and empower participants in the harvesting, processing and marketing of forest products;
  • Promote the preservation of the Peruvian Amazon by enhancing the capabilities of agricultural cooperatives and organisations working to protect the local forests;
  • Monitor and protect nearly 40,000 hectares of forest with park wardens;
  • Develop community action plans for the conservation of endangered species.


Would you like to know more about the project? Visit the project page on the Maisons du Monde Foundation website or the organisation’s website.