J’agis pour la nature (Act for nature): commitment to local biodiversity rewarded

Created on the initiative of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation and supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation, each year, the programme “J’agis pour la nature” grants financial support to local biodiversity protection micro-projects. In December 2019, 11 projects were rewarded: discover which ones!

Since 2010, the programme “J’agis pour la nature” by the Nicolas Hulot Foundation puts structures offering “nature” activities in touch with volunteers wishing to give a little of their free time via an online platform.

In addition to this measure, a call for projects is organised thrice a year in order to support micro-projects in the field. During the last session, in December 2019, 11 associative projects were rewarded by the jury comprising the Fondation de France, the Nature & Découvertes Foundation, the eco-responsible clothing brand CoqenPâte, and the Maisons du Monde Foundation, which has supported the programme since 2016.


The associations rewarded in December 2019

The “J’agis pour la nature” awards will allow the associations to set up their environmental protection and civic involvement project on a local level.

The associations rewarded:

  • Les Amis de l’école, for the fitting out of an educational garden at a primary school in Meuse (55),
  • The Ecole du jardin planétaire, for the rehabilitation of sea turtle egg laying beaches on the island of Réunion,
  • TRITICUM, for the reintroduction of local varieties into the hedgerows of the association’s two plots in Darnétal (76),
  • The Eclaireurs et éclaireuses de la nature for the reforestation of the site of Médonerie in Saint-Eloy-les-Tuileries (19),
  • The Haie magique with the students of the Impact CentraleSupélec association for their collaborative work planting a hedge at CentraleSupélec (91),
  • Mare Vivu for the CorSeaCare beach cleaning and sea depollution mission on the Corsican coast,
  • Meuse Nature Environnement for the training of environment wardens in Meuse and the creation of a network of resource people,
  • Pépins Production for the fitting out of a market garden where birds can be welcomed in Paris in the winter,
  • LPO Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes for the development of volunteering through participative “nature” work projects in Auvergne.
  • The Centre de sauvegarde de la faune sauvage des pays de Savoie for the creation of a hedgehog box that provides them with assistance and raises the public’s awareness about this species’ needs,
  • The FNE Ain for the installation of a biocorridor for amphibians that helps to save thousands of them from being crushed.
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To find out more about J’agis pour la nature, go to the Maisons du Monde Foundation’s website or the programme’s website!