The YouTuber Baptiste Lorber in the footsteps of Envol Vert in Colombia!

From 8 to 18 March, the influencer Baptiste Lorber was in Colombia to discover the Envol Vert association’s projects supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation since 2014.




On 8 March, Baptiste arrived in Los Limites, Colombia, where he discovered the Envol Vert association’s pilot project. In this region, just 8% of the initial surface area of Colombian dry tropical forest remains as a result of intensive deforestation (farming and animal breeding). 

Therefore, Baptiste was able to see the techniques of agroforestry used by the farmers, involving the Maya Nut, a local essence helping the biodiversity to come back. Agroforestry, therefore, makes it possible to increase the yield of plots, while fighting against deforestation in the long-term.




But, it is also important to provide farmers with economic solutions in the short term.  Thus, Baptiste was trained in the processing of fruit (into jam for example) and nuts from the Maya Nut, which represent new sources of income for local populations.

Baptiste invited his community and more widely all informed web users to make a donation on the web platform This website raises public awareness about the cost of reforestation and collects donations so that Envol Vert’s projects continue to develop (example: boots, a mule, etc.).

All this work carried out by the Envol Vert association alongside villagers is possible thanks to the financial support of partners, including the Maisons du Monde Foundation.

Centimes make big projects!

Since 2014, the Maisons du Monde Foundation has supported the Envol Vert association for various forest preservation projects in Southern countries. Thanks to the ARRONDI en Caisse operation, the Envol Vert association collected €94,920.36 from April to July 2018.

A big thanks to all you !