Let’s head to WE LOVE GREEN!

From 2 to 5 June 2022, the Maisons du Monde Foundation team was at the WE LOVE GREEN festival, organising activities aimed at connecting with trees. Explore the event programme!

The Maisons du Monde Foundation has been working with grassroots associations since late 2015 and is also committed to raising public awareness of the need to protect trees. It is in this capacity that we are partnering with the WE LOVE GREEN festival, a leading event in terms of its environmental commitment as well as its line-up nestled in the heart of the forest.


En route to WE LOVE GREEN!

The Maisons du Monde Foundation team was at the Bois de Vincennes park in Paris until 5 June, at a stand designed by the brand, to guide everyone in <Re>connecting with trees.


  • A <Re>discovery virtual reality immersive experience that introduces you to Emberá communities at the heart of Panama’s tropical forest
  • <Re>flowering workshops to craft crowns and plant-based jewellery as a way to <Re>discover the beauty of nature
  • A <Re>vitalisation space where you’re invited to dream about our future world while tasting fruit juices that are fresh off the tree
  • <Re>action tips gleaned by measuring your daily impact on forests and learning simple tricks to better take care of them


A wishing tree sculpture designed collaboratively by Béton Puzzle and Laure Devenelle for the Maisons du Monde Foundation was also located near our stand. Festivalgoers were able to visit this tree sculpture designed with sustainable materials, and leave their messages, thoughts, poems and wishes for a more beautiful and better protected planet. 

Next stop: Nuits des Forêts!

To allow as many people as possible to enjoy our <Re>connecting with trees experience, and as part of our partnership with the Nuits des Forêts (forest nights) festival, our <Re>flowering and <Re>action workshops will go on to feature at:

  • Domaine de Land Rohan in Vigneux-de-Bretagne (44) on Saturday 18 June
  • Parc de Montredon, in front of the Château Pastré, in Marseille on Saturday 18 June
  • Réserve nationale d’Arjuzanx in Morcenx-la-Nouvelle (40) on Saturday 25 June

Further information is available here!