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The “Maya nut”, the magical tree

Restoring the forest habitat of the cotton-top tamarin monkey thanks to the Maya nut tree.

The “Maya nut”, the magical tree

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The project goals

Colombia is one of the world’s most amazing countries in terms of biodiversity. But this biodiversity is threatened by the pressure exerted by human activities. On the Caribbean coast, the tropical dry forest, the only habitat of the white-headed tamarin, has almost disappeared.

Envol Vert’s forest restoration project has two focuses: supporting landless farmers and planting the so-called “magical” Maya nut tree.


This local species, overexploited for its timber, is a tree which has the dual advantage of promoting biodiversity and providing food for people and livestock with its seeds and leaves.

By developing agroforestry systems, combining planting food crops and trees, the landless farmers involved in the project ensure their food self-sufficiency and help reforest the area.

In this way, trees are planted, and economic activities – agriculture and livestock farming – have a smaller impact on the forest.

These sustainable farming systems have been benefiting the population of Los Limites since 2014.

In addition, a reforestation project will create an ecological corridor between the two reserves where the project is located, in order to connect the two forests and protect the wildlife, including the cotton-top tamarin.

The Beneficiaries

Twenty families in the community of Los Limites benefit from the support of Envol Vert. In 2016, the project helped create the Association ASOCALIM, bringing together 48 farmers.

The project benefits

The project creates a virtuous circle: an agreement was reached with the landowners to allow landless farmers to benefit from their fields over the long term. The landless farmers can plant fruit trees along with Maya nut trees, which can be harvested to feed the landowners’ livestock and improve their milk yield.

Thanks to this arrangement, we can spread the techniques and values supported by the Envol Vert project here. ASOCALIM is an outstanding tool to help us fulfil our duty to protect nature

Víctor Olivares Vice-President of the ASOCALIM Farmers Association supported by Envol Vert
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Envol Vert is an association created to protect forests and support rural development.

Since 2011, it has been working to preserve forests and biodiversity in South America and France, while creating strong links with local populations to promote their conservation initiatives, participate in sustainable rural development and cultivate economic alternatives to deforestation. Envol Vert is also heavily involved in raising awareness of these issues through education and impact campaigns.

Through the actions of the association, 163,000 trees have been planted in Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia and France.