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Protecting rattan resources

Developing a sustainable rattan production value chain to help protect the environment.

Protecting rattan resources

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The project goals

The Association Pupuk helps small rattan producers in the village of Namo, on the outskirts of Lore Lindu National Park, by developing an eco-friendly sustainable rattan production value chain and community-based forest management.

Indonesia is the world’s largest supplier of rattan. 85% of this resource grows naturally in the tropical forests of Indonesia.

This resource is however overexploited even though it is a source of sustainable income for local communities. Rattan also helps protect forests because it requires the planting of other trees to grow.

The project has two main components:

  • An environmental component by supporting the community of Namo in implementing the community-based forest management plan, by educating growers about sustainable management of rattan resources and by raising awareness on biodiversity conservation.
  • An economic component, by increasing the availability of rattan in the community forest. Nurseries have been created to ensure the sustainability of the value chain.


The Beneficiaries

PUPUK is assisting one hundred or so farmers. The 400 ethnic Kulawi families in Namo village are also benefiting from the project.

The project benefits

Thanks to the project, the communities are ensuring their financial independence while conserving biodiversity and valuable natural resources like Rattan for future generations.

PUPUK provides technical support to the farmers of the community, building their capacity to manage the community forest and sustainably manage their economic resource.

“This project is very good and should be completed in order to demonstrate the good cooperation between the local community and Lore Lindu National Park for sustainable management in the area”.

Rusdin Secretary of the village
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PUPUK (Perkumpulan Untuk Peningkatan Usaha Kecil: (Association for Advancement of Small Business) is an Indonesian association created in 1979 whose purpose is to carry out sustainable development programs on the resources available in Indonesia, based on the potential and the needs of local communities. More specifically, its objective is to defend the interests of small businesses in all sectors of the economy. On this project, PUPUK works in close collaboration with the Association Jambata, which supports natural resource conservation and sustainable economic development. This association is supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation via the French NGO Man & Nature.