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Restoring the ecosystem of the mangroves of the island of Borneo

Restoring the ecosystem of the mangroves in the province of eastern Kalimantan, on the island of Borneo, whilst raising awareness and developing sustainable income-generating activities by and for local players

Restoring the ecosystem of the mangroves of the island of Borneo

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The project and its challenges

Indonesian forests are home to a large share of the world’s biodiversity. Yet, the Indonesian archipelago is facing large-scale deforestation with the disappearance of 18.7 million hectares of primary forests in the past 45 years.

65% of the national mangrove forests are located in the Mahakam delta, the area where the project is based, on the island of Borneo. Also, the conversion of mangrove ecosystems for other uses, such as fishing farming, contribute to damaging all of the delta’s forests.

In view of the urgent need to preserve the last remaining mangrove forests, since 2019 Planète Urgence has set up the programme initially called MADIMAP (Mahakam Delta Integrated Management Program). This programme has already enabled the replanting of more than 660,000 trees and the development of 107 hectares of sustainable fish farming basins.

The Maisons du Monde Foundation helps to support Planète Urgence in pursuing its goal of restoring the mangrove in the Mahakam delta with the planting of 135,000 mangroves in 3 villages and the setting up of a cross-cutting awareness-raising and information programme on the preservation of natural resources for local communities.

Finally, with the support of the Foundation, the project aims to help beneficiaries develop alternative income-generating activities based on the diversification of products derived from fishing and forest resources, as well as their promotion


The direct beneficiaries are the 45 members of the groups participating in the planting activities, the 30 fishermen trained in sustainable fish-farming techniques and 30 women from the villages who are involved in the development of new economic activities.

The other beneficiaries are the 800 schoolchildren and the 3,000 inhabitants of the 3 villages informed about climate change and the sustainable management of natural resources.

The project’s assets

The approach adopted by Planète Urgence and its associative partner BIOMA in Indonesia reflect the Indonesian government’s wish to turn the Mahakam delta area into a model for the sustainable management of natural resources and the conservation of ecosystems. A model which should be replicated at a national level.

The mangrove planting activities are very useful for improving the communities’ economic conditions. Also, the restored mangroves provide natural shelters for fish and crab. Finally, if they are allowed to grow enough, they will protect communities from problems caused by waves and reduce soil abrasion

Sudirman the community leader working with Planète Urgence and its partner BIOMA in the frame of the project supported in the village of Muara Pegah
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Project leader Planète Urgence

Created in 2000, Planète Urgence is an international solidarity association recognised to be of public utility. The aim of the association is to increase the autonomy of the populations and protect their environment through voluntary work, local development, and reforestation.

For this, Planète Urgence works in a complementary manner:

  • On human resources via several international solidarity voluntary actions;
  • And, on natural resources via the setting up of environmental protection projects designed to fight deforestation and, more widely, reinforce the resilience of ecosystems and communities.