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The reuse centres of Croix-Rouge insertion [French Red Cross job training program]

Reusing wood and supporting vulnerable people achieve self-reliance and find jobs.

The reuse centres of Croix-Rouge insertion [French Red Cross job training program]

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The Maisons du Monde Foundation supports the reuse centres and job training centres of the Croix-Rouge insertion: Béarn Solidarité in Pau and Impulse Toit in Marseilles. In addition to being job training programs, these organisations reduce waste by reusing wood materials. Wood furniture and other items restored and/or upcycled by the trainees are sold in the reuse centre shops.

This initiative promotes a circular economy through the resale of furniture to at affordable prices for financially insecure people in Pau and Marseilles.

In parallel, the reuse centres educate people about environmental protection and recycling, ecodesign and eco-friendly behaviours.

By the end of the partnership with the Maisons du Monde Foundation, the two organisations aim to double the amount of waste collected and the number of visitors educated each year.

In 2016, 20 employees received job training in skills related to reuse at Impulse Toit and 187 employees were trained at Béarn Solidarité.

The Beneficiaries

In 2016 Béarn Solidarité’s job training program resulted in 12 jobs (5 permanent jobs, 3 fixed term jobs, 4 startups), 2 government subsidised jobs and 25 graduates. Impulse Toit’s program produced 8 graduates, including 4 on the path toward long-term employment.

Jobseekers experiencing social and professional difficulties are eligible for job training programs, including extremely vulnerable young people under the age of 26, recipients of minimum social benefits, long-term jobseekers and disabled workers. Employed under 4 to 24 month contracts, the employees are the primary focus of the job training programs. A social worker is assigned to each employee for collective and individual support.

The project benefits

Croix Rouge insertion supports employment locally to combat job insecurity. The organisations focus on environmental, economic and social concerns to create sustainable activities and generate resources and jobs. Innovative partnerships have been developed. For instance, Impulse Toit has reached out to students at the Marseilles School of Design for help in recycling furniture.


“One of our main activities is selling second-hand items. Some of the items we receive are old or in poor condition. We can refurbish any of the items or furniture bought in our shop to like-new condition. This provides significant added value. (…) What’s more, it is very rewarding when I see an old item restored. I really enjoy this work.”


Claude LEFFLER has been working at Béarn Solidarité for one year
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Founded by the French Red Cross in 2011, Croix-Rouge insertion is based on the organisation’s fundamental principles. Humanity is one of the primary principles that guides its action. As part of its goal to support vulnerable people achieve self-reliance, the French Red Cross has made social inclusion and job training one of the priorities of its strategy. Through Croix Rouge insertion, the French Red Cross has developed a forum for working with the public authorities to combat job insecurity.