Already a year of projects with L’Arrondi … THANK YOU!


L’ARRONDI, a great crowdfunding tool, has been introduced in all 207 Maisons du Monde stores across France.

The initiative’s success has been tremendous, with an outstanding participation rate of 55.75% and 3,341,341 donations collected to support three charities!

Three projects funded by ordinary people and the Maisons du Monde Foundation via L’Arrondi


Find out about the projects: AWELY, CŒUR DE FORÊT AND LE FOYER





“With over 1,200,000 micro-donations collected, you’ve sent us a strong sign of support and trust that has moved us deeply. Thanks to you, more than 100,000 trees will be planted and a programme supporting small-scale vanilla and patchouli growers will be implemented to protect Flores island in Indonesia. On behalf of all the Cœur de Forêt teams and those benefiting from the project, we would like to send you our heartfelt thanks!”  

Charlotte Meyrueis, director of the NGO Cœur de Forêt used L’Arrondi for four months from 16 May to 14 September 2017

Thank you to the 3.3 million donors who contributed to L’Arrondi in 2017!