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Our actions in 2022

We've seen great progress in 2022 when it comes to protecting forests and biodiversity. Notably, in December, a European regulation against imported deforestation was signed and the UN biodiversity conference (COP15) led to the signing of a landmark agreement. More than ever, these news stories bring us hope and motivate us to continue our fight for tree conservation.

In 2022, we supported 28 projects working to protect forests in developing countries and to maintain trees outside of forests in Europe with the help of local communities.


“2022 allowed us to be more focused than ever on our impact, one year after our change of status to become an endowment fund. Together with the team and our Board of Directors, we have set ourselves ambitious targets for 2025 to innovate, to support our partners even more effectively and to act in a way that promotes tree conservation.

On the project side, in addition to supporting our partners in developing countries, we have sought to partner with other benefactors to improve the impact of our funding.
In partnership with the Pays de la Loire region and a coalition of public and private benefactors, we launched a call for projects aimed at collectively preserving biodiversity in the Loire Valley. Two new projects have benefitted from our support since 2022.
We also partnered with the Fondation Yves Rocher (Yves Rocher foundation) to create a joint call for projects, launched in 2023, and to support an ambitious project together in tree conservation in France.

In terms of environmental awareness, we chose to partner with well-known events that share our values. We offered various activities at the We Love Green and Nuits des forêts (Nights of the Forests) festivals to educate as many people as possible about tree conservation, and invite them to act alongside us.  

We are proud to have launched all of these new projects in 2022, and we are already seeing their impact!”

Rémi-Pierre Lapprend, General Manager of the Maisons du Monde Foundation

A whole world of projects

In 2022, we supported 28 projects in 15 countries across the world, which all contribute to conserving forests and maintaining trees outside of forests in Europe. Of these projects, 18 are located in developing countries and 10 are in Europe. 4 other projects promoting woodworking in Europe are coming to the end of their cycle, which means our commitment to this cause is drawing to a close.

In addition to these projects financed from our own funds, 6 other projects are being financed by donations made by Maisons du Monde customers when making a purchase in France. These projects, which follow the same selection process as the projects financed from our own funds, are chosen by the brand’s employees who vote for their favourites.

Forest conservation

Trees do so many things for us, including conserving biodiversity, fighting climate change, protecting soils and improving water quality. In order to protect them, we are supporting those on the ground all over the world.

1. We are helping to preserve the most endangered forests in developing countries

If nothing is done to stop climate change and deforestation, 50% of tropical forests may disappear between 2000 and 2100, according to Ghislain Vieilledent, an ecologist at Cirad. Since urgent action is needed, in 2022 we supported 22 forest and tree conservation projects in developing countries.

Deforestation on such a huge scale can alter other ecosystems, such as the páramos in the Colombian Andes, which HUMY is working hard to protect, alongside local populations.

“Colombia is the country that is fourth most affected by deforestation, and the second richest country in the world in terms of biodiversity. Páramos are unique ecosystems that provide more than 60% of the country’s drinking water. With our partner Impulso Verde Kaspue and a network of beneficiary indigenous Pasto communities, HUMY is working on restoring the High Andean forest, and more specifically on protecting the páramos in the Chile-Cumbal and La Cocha-Patascoy reserves.

The MDMF’s support was instrumental in implementing the project, and helped us to obtain new funding and expand the network of community plant nurseries from 7 to 15 structures.”

Jean-Marc Civière, HUMY Development Manager


Visit the HUMY project page to learn about the organisation and the project that we support.

Portrait de Jean-Marc Civière dans les paramos, en Colombie

2. We are involved in the recovery and protection of trees outside of forests in Europe

Apart from forest ecosystems, trees play a fundamental role and must be protected in order to stem the decline in biodiversity. That is why, in 2022, the Maisons du Monde Foundation supported 12 projects to recover and maintain trees in urban and rural areas in France, Spain and Italy.

“25,000 km of hedges must be planted every year to achieve the objectives in the Paris Agreements, when currently only 3000 km are planted annually.

With the aim of accelerating the agro-ecological transition and returning trees to agricultural practices, Des Enfants et des Arbres (Children and trees) invites children every year to lend a helping hand to the agricultural world by planting trees alongside local farmers. By funding eight planting sessions every winter, the Maisons du Monde Foundation invites the younger generation to team up with earthworms, trees and anything else that sustains us by taking care of soil, water, air, biodiversity and by sustaining our hope for the future.”  

Marie-France Barrier, founder of Des Enfants et des Arbres


Would you like to know more about the Des Enfants et des Arbres project? Visit our project sheet!

Promoting environmental awareness

Because forest conservation first requires awareness and action on both individual and collective levels, the Maisons du Monde Foundation has its own environmental awareness programmes.


1. (Re)connecting with trees

Created in 2018, this movement is designed to make people more mindful of the issues at play and encourage everyone to act to protect trees. In June 2022, we focused on (Re)connecting with trees through various activities offered to the general public at the We Love Green and Nuits des forêts festivals, known for their environmental commitment and line-up nestled in the heart of the forest.

Visit the page dedicated to our movement on our site to find out more!


2. Solidaritrips

Launched in 2011, Solidaritrips is an annual event that gives Maisons du Monde employees the opportunity to go all over the world to discover a project supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation. After a two-year break due to the pandemic, Solidaritrips resumed in 2022 offering something new: a stay closer to home, in Europe, to discover our conservation projects for trees outside of forests.

Since Solidaritrips was launched, more than 200 Maisons du Monde employees have taken advantage of this initiative! For more information, click here.


3. L’ARRONDI en caisse

ARRONDI en caisse (Rounding up at the till) is a great way to get Maisons du Monde customers involved and 2022 was no exception. In two words that say it all: THANK YOU!

Visit the ARRONDI en caisse page to find out more.

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