Four non-profit projects renewed at our latest Committee of Experts meeting

Members of the MDM Foundation Committee of Experts met on 10 March 2023 to renew four partnerships that would soon be coming to a close. (Re)discover the chosen projects!

A total of seven projects were submitted and four were chosen by our Committee of Experts for partnerships lasting three years. These different projects all have the same guiding principle: To help preserve the world’s most endangered forests and trees outside forests in France.

Renewed partnerships working to preserve forests around the world

Envol Vert (‘Green Flight’)/Protecting the Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity in Peru

The project (supported since 2021): To tackle deforestation in the Amazon, Envol Vert is launching a regional-scale project to assist civil society organisations (agricultural cooperatives and conservation teams) in developing practices for the sustainable management of natural resources.

Length of new partnership: Three years

This renewed partnership will allow Envol Vert to establish agroforestry systems to restore the agricultural areas of different parts of the Amazon rainforest, improve food security for communities and provide them with sources of income via established economic alternatives. Our funds will also be used to help local communities preserve endemic biodiversity and biodiversity under threat. 

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Jane Goodall Institute/Restoring and conserving Gombe National Park

The project (supported since 2019): This project aims to support communities in ten villages in forest regeneration, through planting activities and by implementing agroforestry models.

Length of new partnership: Three years

This renewed partnership will allow 1,500,000 trees to be grown in nurseries to help restore Gombe National Park, through the recruitment and training of nursery workers and the provision of technical and material support. Our funds will also support younger generations in their science education, which will allow them to understand the importance of local biodiversity.

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Fifty, son of Fanny

Forest’ever/Protecting and enriching the indigenous territories of the Colombian Amazon

The project (supported since 2017): Based on agroforestry, the project aims to protect the forest and improve the quality of life of indigenous Ticuna communities.

Length of new partnership: Three years

This renewed partnership will enable agroforestry practices to be developed with the aim of preserving biodiversity. Our funds will help local communities work together and rebuild social ties, all while improving their well-being and food sovereignty. These objectives can be reached by planting 88 different species and implementing social and economic activities.

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The renewed partnership for preserving trees outside forests in France.

Fonds pour l’Arbre (‘Tree Fund’)/Promoting the planting and conservation of wild trees

The project (supported since 2020): Fonds pour l’Arbre supports approximately 90 local bodies each year (organisations, natural parks, drainage basin associations etc.) who work daily on anything hedgerow-related: from planting to management.

Length of new partnership: Three years

This renewed partnership will enable a management and planting programme to be put in place to plant 1,200,000 trees. The funds donated to our partner will allow 50% of the vegetation planted to be from “Végétal local” (‘Local Vegetation’) and for the Label Haie (‘Hedge Label’) to continue to be rolled out. All of this will bring the hedgerows to the attention of public authorities, so that they can be better supported by public policies.

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